Upcycle is E-waste & Battery recycling specialist established in 2009. Upcycle has facilities and services to recycle over 400 electronic items from various industries. We guarantee the most genuine and ethical recycling process by holding EPA issued Export Permits and being ISO certified Electronic waste recycling company based in South Auckland.

We are dedicated to diverting as much electronic waste from landfill by reusing and recycling as much as possible. We provide services such as collection of e-waste, e-waste disposal and recycling, data destruction, equipment refurbishing and battery recycling.

Upcycle not only state that we do what is right for the environment, but we show you by being ISO certified

Our Company Promise

Being a responsible and a reliable recycler, we realize the important values of the materials within the electronic waste.
Without a proper recycling process valuable resources cannot be recovered and it will only bring negative impact to human health and our environment.
Our team is constantly engaged in research to refine and improve our processes to be in sync with the changing rules and regulations of New Zealand. We strive to keep 100% of all e-waste out of our landfill!