Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling Service

We are currently one company carrying export permit on various waste batteries in New Zealand. Commonly used batteries (household and industrial) can be accepted.
We are initiating battery recycling within New Zealand to reduce the amount ending up in our landfill where heavy metals and toxic substances can leak into the grounds when battery corrodes causing water and soil pollution. Batteries are made from important resources so recycling battery can recover valuable materials.
– Use only the type of battery specified by the manufacturer on the device.
– Always store batteries in a dry place in a room temperature.
– Place batteries in the device in a correct way. (+ve and –ve terminal)
– Keep batteries away from children and pets. – Do not store waste batteries in a metal container.
– To store waste batteries for recycling, all terminals must be taped to avoid short-circuiting.
– Do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
– Always turn the device off before removing batteries.
– Do not overheat the batteries.
– Battery leak can be caused by trying to recharge disposable cells, mixing battery types, mixing new batteries with old batteries, overheating, storing batteries in damp environment and leaving batteries in the device during long term storage.

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