Data Deconstruction

Data Deconstruction Service

Comprehensive and confidential data destruction and disposal service is available. We provide this service for both corporate and individuals! Certificate of Disposal can also be provided upon request for FREE of charge.


We use Blacco’s the safest and most credible Data Removal software to completely destroy all of your data. A Blancco Destruction Certificate can also be provided upon request. Please visit Blancco’s website for more information!


Quotation of data destruction service for over 100 units


Certificate of Disposal with Simple RecordFREE
Data Destruction without CertificateFREE
Data Destruction Certificate with Shredding & Barcode scan$5 per HDD
Data Destruction Certificate with Blancco Record & Barcode scan$10 per HDD


Additional service price


Photo of scrapped hard disk$50
Photo of each hard disk attaching on certification$300
Video recording$500
Site attending$500
Onsite serviceContact us