15L Battery Bucket Back (BBB) system

$162.00 excl. GST


15L Battery Bucket Back (BBB) system 

Recycle all dry cell batteries with our battery bucket. This price includes a bucket, shipping & return, and total battery recycling fees.

Maximum capacity: 25KG
Dimension: 30cmX34cm

Terms and Conditions

  • Buckets are indoor use only, and to be lidded at all times.
  • Buckets are to carry primary batteries.
  • If any Lithium batteries (i.e. cell phone battery, laptop battery, Li-ion, Li-Po) to be placed in the buckets by any chance, the terminal ends must be taped to reduce risks of short circuits, possible sparks or fire ignition. If such an event occurs as a result of not complying with the taping procedure, Upcycle or the shipping company do not hold any responsibility, nor liability for any damage.
  • Special conditions apply for Rural addresses when returning buckets to us. You may have to drop off your bucket at a collection depot. Please contact us for more information.
  • Disclaimer: Price and availability are subject to change without notice.
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