Vape Battery Box Back (BBB) system

$280.00 excl. GST



Vape Battery Box Back (BBB) system 

Recycle all batteries with our battery box. This price includes a box, shipping & return, and total battery recycling fees.

Maximum capacity: 25KG
Dimension: 33cmX19cmx23cm


  1. Order your battery box and fill it up
  2. Arrange a collection of your box when it gets full by emailing the serial number of the battery box
  3. Close and lock the box with snap hook provided
  4. We can provide Certificate of Reclamation (if needed)

Terms and Conditions

– Buckets are indoor use only, and to be lidded at all times.
– If any Lithium batteries (i.e. cell phone battery, laptop battery, Li-ion, Li-Po) to be placed in the buckets by any chance, the terminal ends must be taped to reduce risks of short circuits, possible sparks or fire ignition. If such an event occurs as a result of not complying with the taping procedure, Upcycle or the shipping company do not hold any responsibility, nor liability for any damage.
– Special conditions apply for Rural addresses when returning buckets to us. You may have to drop off your bucket at a collection depot. Please contact us for more information.
– Disclaimer: Price and availability are subject to change without notice.


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